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Picture Profil No Name Weight (mt)
MKL4300 Frame Profile 0,835kg/mt
MKL4301 Intermediate Strut Profile 0,309kg/mt
MKL4302 Pressure Profile 0,1146kg/mt
MKL4303 Hanger Profile 0,1279kg/mt
MKL4304 Flat Profile 0,309kg/mt
MKL4305 Single Ear Inter. Strut Profile 1,022kg/mt
MKL4306 Flat Profile 0,385kg/mt
MKL4307 Frame Profile 0,978kg/mt
MKL4308 Winge Profile 1,203kg/mt
MKL4310 Flat Profile 0,856kg/mt
MKL5902 Flat Profile 0,902kg/mt
Picture Profil No Weight (mt)
MKL4311 1,528kg/mt
MKL4312 1,395kg/mt
MKL4313 2,303kg/mt
MKL4315 1,369kg/mt
MKL4316 2,303kg/mt

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