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The surface treatment of aluminum through anodizing is one of the most common methods and offers a perfect combination of protection and appealing design.

With our carefully conducted surface treatments, products not only receive high-quality protection but also an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Our diverse surface techniques provide numerous design possibilities.

All processes carried out comply with European QUALANOD and TSE standards and encompass properties such as durability, UV resistance, and color stability.

Anodized layer thickness: 5-25 μm


E0: Without pre-treatment, anodized and sealed.
E1: Ground, anodized and sealed.
E2: Brushed, anodized and sealed.
E3: Polished, anodized and sealed.
E4: Ground and brushed, anodized and sealed.
E5: Ground and polished, anodized and sealed.
E6: Chemically pre-treated, anodized and sealed.

Color spectrum:

C-0: Colorless, natural
C-31: Light bronze
C-32: Bright bronze
C-33: Medium bronze
C-34: Dark bronze
C-35: Black