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Discover the leading method of painting for aluminum profiles – powder coating. Our innovative technique offers an almost endless selection of colors, different gloss levels, and unparalleled color fidelity. With a maximum profile size of 9,000mm and layer thicknesses of 60-140 μm, we provide a tailored solution for your needs.

Choose from a variety of surfaces, including RAL colors as well as custom metallic and special color variants. The powder coating system enables both horizontal and vertical powder coating processes for outstanding results.

Mechanical Surface Treatment

Grinding or Brushing:

One way to enhance the aesthetic properties of a profile and its surface is through grinding or brushing. This process creates fine traces along the grinding direction on the surface. These can be classified as “very fine,” “medium,” or “coarse” depending on the customer’s preference.


Polishing smooths the surface while increasing its shine. The surface design is customized according to the customer’s wishes. For high-gloss surfaces, for example, a chemical polish and anodizing (high-gloss anodized) can be applied.


Tumbling aims to deburr sharp edges. Depending on the polishing medium used, a matte or glossy surface can be achieved.