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We can help you get started and determine what your product solution might look like.


Each customer and industry brings its own unique challenges, and Mekaltek’s
employees tackle these challenges with their passion for aluminum materials
when developing custom aluminum profiles for clients.

We particularly focus on profiles with complex cross-sections, tight
manufacturing tolerances, or special surface requirements in the decorative
field. Everything except standard solutions is our specialty.

Using high-capacity extrusion lines ranging from 400 to 4,000 tons, we
manufacture challenging profile drawings individually according to customer
requests, weighing approximately between 50 g/m and 60 kg/m. Depending
on the profile cross-section, these profiles can be up to 550 mm wide, 325
mm high, and even 14,000 mm long.
We offer our extrusion profiles in the following alloys:

EN AW-6060, EN AW-6063, EN AW-6005, and EN AW-6082