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Mekaltek fence systems are specially designed to enhance your living space and provide secure areas when privacy and protection are desired. They
serve as excellent choices for defining boundaries and keeping unwanted visitors and animals out of your living area. Our system,known for its easy
installation, low maintenance, and long life span, is frequently preferred by users. Due to the durable and rust-resistant nature of aluminum, it is
commonly chosen for use in pool areas and gardens.

  • Easy assembling
  • Lightweight, strong and corrosion resistant
  • Applicable matt anodized and RAL color
  • Perfect linear design without visible fixing screws
  • Maximum resistance to long spans
MKL-Fence 01
Vertical Profile
MKL-Fence 03
Vertical Edge Profile
MKL-Fence 04
150mm Horizantal Boards
MKL-Fence 05
200 mm Horizantal Boards
MKL-Fence 06
Floor Installation Anchor
MKL-Fence 07
Horizantal Board L Type Installation Equipment
MKL-Fence 08
Vertical Profile End Cap
MKL-Fence 09
Vertical Profile Flange

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